The Mercy Seat Ministerial FellowshipProviding Spiritual Covering and Accountability


A Message From Bishop


Dear Pastors:

The availability of this covenant is evidence that God has made provision for a fellowship of leaders determined to settle for nothing less than excellence in ministry. Together, fixed and refashioned, we will extract from one another's deposits and face the work of this approaching, ominous hour of our church history with oneness and determination. I am thrilled to be position in a place of provide direction as we endeavor to minister to the masses the glorious Gospel of Jesus as we unveiled in unprecedented revelation of the manifold grace of God. Because we have opted to lay aside all of our differences that have often defined as developing a cultural Christianity now we recognize in humility our need for one another and embracing in surrender our sameness. “I welcome you with an excitement that resonates deep within my heart as I embrace what we shall accomplish in our coming, communing and conquering together so that the Kingdom of God shall be advanced to the ends of the earth!"


-- Bishop Eric McClellan