The Mercy Seat Ministerial FellowshipProviding Spiritual Covering and Accountability


Our Covenant Relationship

  • TMSMF will endeavor to embrace and develop the following essential elements of covenant:
  • - To agree to parent the anointed through God-centered direction.
  • - To promote interdependence, yet maintain distinct, independent identity.
  • - To commit to dealing uprightly and with integrity toward one another.
  • - To establish strong relationships by accepting diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  • - To strengthen pastors by discipling and developing through cross pollinizing dynamics.


  • Our Covenant of Relationship
  • TMSMF (Covenantor) Agrees to:
  • Provide Spiritual headship and authority for senior pastors that desire to be "fathered" by the ministry of Eric McClellan. Partner with pastors and churches in prayer and intercessory commitment. Serve in an advisory role when needed in critical or problematic situations. Provide special closed conference for senior leaders and members of the fellowship. Provide access to The Mercy Seat Ministries' administrative headship. Provide seminars on leadership and church growth skills. Provide a broad networking exchange of ecumenical fellowship, communion and referral sources for churches. Provide use of the annual Pastor's and Leadership Conference as a source of spiritual support and inspiration for churches. Provide Ordination.
  • Senior Pastors (Covenantee) Agree to:
  • Commit to prayer and intercession for Eric McClellan Ministries. Act as a cooperative entity with Eric McClellan Ministries during national conferences while in your respective locations. Exhibit an attitude that is characteristically faithful, accountable and teachable. The ministry will then reflect Godly stature and Christ-like lifestyle. Exhibit support by actively partnering with the financial structure of this alliance through tithing from your personal income. Embrace an attitude of healing and restoration for the entire Body of Christ, at large.


  • Important Information for All Members:
  • In moral issues or inappropriate conduct, TMSMF maintains the right to withdraw without explanation, if necessary.
  • Your participation does not give the right to use the name or logo of The Mercy Seat Ministerial Fellowship or The Mercy Seat Church without prior written consent from our administration.
  • Your participation does not give the right to act an agent for, a spokesperson on behalf, or a representative of Eric McClellan Ministries or The Mercy Seat Church.
  • Your membership does not entitle you to personal speaking engagements with The Mercy Seat Ministerial Fellowship. All requests for speaking engagements must follow the policy and procedures established by Eric McClellan Ministries.


  • "For though you might have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet you do not have many fathers."
  • - 1 Corinthians 4:15 KJV